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Why the Gecko Retrofit Kit

The Gecko Retrofit kit is a user friendly and fully programmable hot tub control system. The Gecko Pack is a kit that is known for reliability, ease of installation, serviceability and programmability.

Saving Money

Bringing an old tub into the 21st century is less expensive than buying a new tub. It also enhances the experience and increases the use of an existing tub.

Features & Benefits

The in.yj pack with the compact heat.wav-yj heater for efficient heating in any space. Gecko's in.yj spa control system comes with a remote heater designed to simplify the installation and location in the equipment compartment of smaller spas. The 2" full size heater will not reduce flow to the spa jets. The Y Series provides easy access to the control board for all maintenance and replacement requirements, including conversion between 120 and 240 volt.