These are pictures of modifications done to our test spa. We test our products on this spa to ensure that the quality of the product and to show that even basic spas can be upgraded (in most cases) to the users personal preferences.

Here is an upgrade that was done. The stock gray handle was removed and the clear handle was installed. Also we drilled the handle and inserted two LEDs to make the handle light up to match the existing LEDs in the tub. The pictures to the right show the lights in the handle and the bottom pictures show the handle in different lighting modes.
We took the basic panel on the spa and inserted a vent and a drain cover. In this spa we installed two vents, one on each side of spa near the pumps. This allows the heat generated by the pumps to dissipate faster and reduce overheating of spa cabinet, it also allows cross ventilation of spa cabinet.
We also installed the drain/conduit hatch. The drain nozzle fits in the cavity, flip open the hatch door, pull drain out and open to drain spa. The door can be closed and the smaller door can be opened to prevent small animals to gain access to spa cabinet, (mice, rats, snakes, etc.)
Typical Overheating Display

The top pictures are showing the ice method to an overheating problem. With the skimmer basket in place add ice. In this picture, a 2 quart bucket of ice was poured into the filter housing. Some spas do not have a skimmer basket but a closed top filter instead. Add ice to filter area in that instance. If you have a pressurized filtertration system, place ice in water near intake for filter.







Here is a set of pictures to show one venting option for overheating spas. You can place a 4-6 inch piece of PVC pipe under the crease of the lid to help vent the spa. In these pictures a two inch diameter pipe is being used for demonstration, 3/4 inch to 1 1/4 inch pipe is recommend for this option. This is the same location were you would place the folded up wash cloths or tennis balls to help vent the lid.

Filter housing with skimmer basket Ice added into housing opening on top of skimmer basket