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Spa Skimmer Net

Great size for spas.

Light weight and small enough to easily store but large enough to skim your spa. Has an aluminum handle to resist corrosion from spa chemicals. Plastic outer skimmer ring holding a low draft net. It is light weight and easy to store at only 22 inches long.

Led Cap Fiber Optic Cap

LED Cap is the large style, they measure 1-5/8 inches long with a 3/4 inch across face, face is an octagon, not round. Found on Keys Backyard, Tuff, Master, Down East, Coast and West Coast Spas as well as other brands. The LED cap is only designed for LED strand lights, not fiber optics

Fiber optic cap is designed for the fiber optic lights and have a small protrusion in the center of the cap. It is a slightly smaller diameter than the LED cap. This cap is found on Master, Coast, West Coast & Down East Spas as well as other brands.

Sold in quantities of 2 complete cap assemblies, lens and nut.

Towel Bar Towel Rack

Spa mounted towel bar.

Tired of a free standing towel rack getting in the way, or out of reach when exting your tub or maybe it keeps tipping over getting your towels dirty.

Try this spa mounted towel rack. The Towel Bar attached the cabinet of the spa and folds flat against the cabinet when not in use. Always keep your towel within reach and not worry about the rack tipping over.

Cover Valet Hinges up to 90 Inches Wide

The low-profile Cover Valet spa cover lift works where others can't. High quality, locking shocks do all the work for you.

Constructed of the highest quality materials and simple to install, the Cover Valet lifts and stores covers on spas set inside gazebos, recessed in decks or in almost any other tight space. Just 6" to 8" clearance behind the spa is needed.

Made of powder-coated steel with all zinc coated hardware, this cover lift is built to stand up in harsh environments. The Cover Valet has two heavy-duty zinc coated metal frames that attach to your portable spa cabinet or the decking next to your in-ground spa. Pneumatic pistons assist you whenever it is time to open up your spa cover. The Cover Valet makes lifting your spa cover a breeze!

Tub Specifications:


Cover Rocker

The popular Cover Rocker spa cover lift/removal system is a simple-to-install lifer. It takes less effort to remove the hot tub cover than similar lifts due to its foot-assist design.

The black powder coated, rust-free finish is baked-on to resist weather. The mounting base plates provide rock-solid stability.

Brackets attach to the spa cabinet edge.

Product notes: Requires 24" rear clearance. Built in the USA to the highest quality standards.

Tub Specifications:


Cover Butler

The Butler mounts to the base of the spa. The mounting block may also be turned and fastened to your deck. The Butler's "one-size-fits-all-frame" fits virtually every shaped spa. An adapter kit is available for round, octagon and kidney shapes. Only 18" of clearance is required behind the spa for fold-down storage.

  • One easy motion lifts any cover and stores it in an upright position
  • Made of anodized aluminum, it holds up well against weather extremes and will look new for years to come
  • Reduces wear and tear on the spa cover
  • Requires only 18" of clearance from any wall in order to function properly
  • Low profile design blends easily with any decor
  • Easy to assemble

Tub Specifications:

Price: $179.99
High wind strap

Additional security to hold down your spa cover. Comes in handy during Monsoon season when spa covers become more like UFO's. Sold invidually.

Red Spa Circular Vent

Circular redwood colored plastic spa vent. This is a generic vent that can be installed to replace a broken, missing or new install vent. It features a downward louvered designed to prevent rain or over splash water from getting inside the vent. Designed to help cool the inside cabinet temperatures during the summer months and to vent the heat produced by the pump(s). Click here to see this installed on 4 Az Spa Repairs' test spa.


  • Outside face dimension: 5 inches in diameter
  • Hole size to cut in spa panel: 4 inches in diameter

Spa Door for Drain Line or Electrical Conduit

This door is commonly found on Coleman, Cal-Coop and Elite spas, other spas may use similar. These are universal doors designed to allow easy access to the drain line or permitt the electrical conduit to pass through into the spa. The door flips open, inside are plastic fingers to hold the drain line so it does not fall back into the spa. If it is used for electrical conduit, you can cut the fingers or pass the conduit it through the fingers like the drain line. If used for electrical conduit, the large outer door has a smaller door for the conduit (see left bottom picture). Large door clips shut to prevent small animals so get inside spa. Click here to see this installed on 4 Az Spa Repairs' test spa.


  • Outside face dimensions: 5 1/8 inches in diameter
  • Inside hole under door: 3 1/4 inches in diameter
  • Hole size to cut in spa: 3 1/4 inches in diameter
  • Depth of door assembly: 2 1/2 inches

Frosted Gray Spa Handle

Frosted spa handle. This is an original frosted handle found in a variety of spas, sometimes these handles are lit with LED lights. It is 16 inches long and is 1 inch in diameter. Click here to see this installed on 4 Az Spa Repairs' test spa.

Gray spa handle. This is an original gray textured handle found in a variety of spas. It is 13 inches long and is 1 1/4 inches in diameter.
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